One of the rare concept that the digital theoreticians agree on is, communication is a two way concept. Corporations are in relationship with their stakeholders. They communicate the decisions and the products with their stakeholders and in return they have a feedback. In a rational communication strategy one has to take these feedback into account seriously.

Digital media, is a perfect tool for a two way communication, as long as one is open about it. A great trustworthy relationship can be established when companies are sincere.

Eternal Memory of the Digital Media

The title made up for the communication, will most probably be stored in between the synapses which is the analogue of an internet brain. If the communication we set up is conveyed properly, it will solidate its position more.


The information that goes around the digital media platforms may appear in many sites at the same time. Information that you share on your web page, could be shared in the Facebook pages, forwarded between the twitter accounts and cited in blog pages. It could also appear on the news sites. In this perspective, a message that has been constructed properly can even make it to the global agenda. An adverse situation could also happen. Information that you might not like could spread with the winds through the synapses.